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Welcome to my website, Shestories, where I write about the various streams that run through my life and most probably run through your life, too.  

I spent an enormous amount of time in the west of Ireland from the age of 11 till I turned 21. Spending much of this formative decade of my life in Ireland had a fundamental impact on the rest of my life – something I came to terms with when I returned to the west of Ireland  in my fifties.  I tell this story in Come Dance with Me in Ireland, my next book which will be launched in 2022.   Where did you come-of-age? 

My life as a Navy-wife placed me in an endless series of unusual places surrounded by uncommon people.  My role as a Navy-wife-mother to two sons often left me a single parent in the oddest of circumstances. I write about the challenges facing a military family as well as the profound sense of fulfillment that comes from serving your country. My next project is a book addressing this experience, entitled Navy Wife Life.  If you are married, what impact did your spouse’s career have on your life?  

My career teaching English as a Second Language at Tidewater Community College put me in the regular company of a diverse group of the most remarkable students from, literally, every continent on the planet.  Lessons my students taught me over my thirty-year career are gathered in She Best English Teacher Me Ever Have which I published in 2021.  What did your career teach you? 

I occasionally write in-depth profiles of interesting people I have come to know. Three of these are featured on Shestories each month. Also, I live in a Virginia Beach neighborhood called Baylake Pines which is unusual on several counts. Currently, Shestories is featuring a series of essays about Baylake Pines that explore this neighborly pocket of homes in Virginia Beach.  What is interesting about your neighborhood? 

Each quarter Shestories features two essays which address a celebration held annually in that season. For this quarter, I have written about my father, in honor of Father’s Day.  Have you a story to tell about your father? 

I invite you to take a look around Shestories and leave a comment or ask me a question. I will get back to you! 

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