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Welcome to my website, Shestories, where you can read about the various streams that run through my life, others’ lives, and most probably run through your life, too.  

I spent an enormous amount of time in the west of Ireland from the age of 11 till I turned 21. Spending much of this formative decade of my life in Ireland had a fundamental impact on the rest of my life – something I came to terms with when I returned to the west of Ireland  in my fifties.  I tell this story in Come Dance with Me in Ireland, my third book which was launched in 2022.   Where did you come-of-age?  How did it impact the rest of your life?

My life as a Navy-wife placed me in an endless series of unusual places surrounded by uncommon people.  My role as a Navy-wife-mother to two sons often left me a single parent in the oddest of circumstances. I write about the challenges facing a military family as well as the profound sense of fulfillment that comes from serving your country. I am currently working on a book addressing this experience, entitled Navy Wife Life.  If you are married, what impact did your spouse’s career have on your life?  What is your understanding of the people who serve your country in uniform?

My career teaching English as a Second Language at Old Dominion University and Tidewater Community College put me in the regular company of a diverse group of the most remarkable students from, literally, every continent on the planet.  Lessons my students taught me over my thirty-year career are gathered in She Best English Teacher Me Ever Have which I published in 2021.  What did your career teach you?  Are you at all curious about the lives of immigrants in the USA?

In 2023, Shestories will feature a new line of essays by guest writers, appearing under the title By Invitation. With my being the youngest of seven children, I have over 25 nieces and nephews spread all over the USA in a plethora of occupations from medicine to education to politics. I will be reaching out to all members of this extended family to tell their stories.

I hope you enjoy reading Shestories. Leave a comment – I promise to get back to you!

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