Peace in the Sixties


 Galway Bay is in the west of Ireland.  At the mouth of the bay are three islands – Inishere, Inishman, and Inishmore – which are called the Aran Islands. Treeless, the islands roll with rocky fields criss-crossed with stone walls defining each named field. I have most often seen the word  lunar used to describe this landscape. Towards the end of the sixties, a decade  of so many songs about peace but none to be found, I fell into it one summer’s day on Inishmore.

I was not at Woodstock.  

I was on Aran.

There were no rock stars.
An Irishman took
me by the hand and ferried
me out to Aran

There were no black clouds.
The sky was as blue
as the sea which encircled
me on Inishmore.

There were no helos shuttling bands.
Only small puffs of
cloud came in, quiet and low,
off the Atlantic.

There were no guitar solos.
One air slipped through each
staff of stone making music
for me on Aran.

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