Put Some Mayo on That by Susan Boland

Writing about the country she loves, Susan Boland delivers a love letter to the ancestral homeland she triumphantly returned to: Ireland. This gifted storyteller, scripting one of the world’s  most beautiful coastlines, The Coast Road of Clew Bay, with her perceptive cultural insights and warm sense of humor, has delivered a landmark in travel writing. Boland proves that not only can you go home again, you must.   Leaves from her journal are subtly stitched together with threads of local  history, time-honored traditions, and the charm of her Irish friends and acquaintances who inhabit this different world. Presented with truthfulness and wit, Put Some Mayo on That is the next best thing to your own month in Mayo. Leave behind the limitation of modern travel and encounter the joys of letting the place guide you.

                  Put Some Mayo on That is available on Amazon here


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