Liz O’Dea Kennedy on her younger brother, Tom

When my sister, Liz, was a freshman in college, her composition instructor assigned students to do a series of family sketches. Liz chose to write about her younger brother, Tom. In the picture of my parents with their seven children, that appears with this essay, Liz is  standing between her sisters Maureen and Anna,   and Tom is seated next to his father. Liz’s composition about Tom follows.

     Out of a family of seven children, there is bound to be one child who is exceptional. My brother, Tommy, seems to be the gifted person in our family. Tommy, a tall, blonde thirteen  year old boy is now in the eighth grade. His interests are varied but lie especially in sports. About any sport he can talk brilliantly and has astonished some of my father’s friends with his information. Not only is he well versed on sports, but he is very skillful, having won several track medals, and receiving a trophy for being selected a member of the All Star Basketball Team.

     When he was in the sixth grade and the youngest member of the basketball team, he was elected captain. His re-election in the seventh and eighth grade indicates that he is not only a good player but very popular with his friends.  Most of his time is spent playing basketball, football, baseball, or whatever sport of the season may be, but he always seems to be near at the time when he is needed.  He is more than willing to be of assistance no matter what he is asked to do and is therefore a great help to our large family. If anyone is looking for a companion, this they will find in Tommy.

     He easily converses with people both younger and older than he, since he is well-informed on many subjects.  Where he gets his information is a mystery to all of us for he is seldom found reading. Although he spends little time studying, Tommy always brings home an excellent report card.  It has been reported that he gets the highest marks in his class, but Tommy has never been the one to report it. 

     Tommy has always been well-liked by everyone. His personality has been summed up by one of his friends in this statement, “Tom is a great guy.”

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