Come Dance with Me in Ireland by Susan O’Dea Boland

Come Dance with Me in Ireland begins with the account of an American girl coming of age in the west of Ireland. Susan O’Dea Boland was first brought to Ireland in 1965 at the age of eleven. She becomes increasingly embedded in the Irish culture finding a way to return every summer, for the peace her Americans peers were searching for in the tumultuous sixties paled in comparison to the peace she discovered in the remote west of Ireland. However, circumstances required the author to abruptly exit her beloved adopted country when she was twenty-one. Thirty years later, empowered by her recovery from a sexual assault, Boland returns to the west of Ireland to reclaim that primary part of herself lost when she left three decades ago. Through her notable eye for detail coupled with accomplished story-telling techniques, Come Dance with Me in Ireland, her third book, is a compelling story that encourages readers to revisit their own coming-of-age environs through eyes wise with experience.

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