She Best English Teacher Me Ever Have by Susan Boland

In She Best English Teacher Me Ever Have, Susan Boland carries her readers into her community college classroom where she taught English as a Second Language to immigrants and refugees for thirty years.  A skillful writer with a sharp eye, Boland chooses to convey not the lessons her students learned but rather the life-lessons she learned from her students who came into her classroom from diverse cultures scattered over five continents.  Boland’s accounts of her one-on-one experiences within her multi-national student body tell both of the hardships endured and the triumphs celebrated by her students as they take that first critical step, to learn English, on the path to reach their dreams. In She Best English Teacher Me Ever Have, Susan Boland, Professor Emeritus at Tidewater Community College, looks back on her career to remember not only the lives she touched as a beloved teacher but also the enduring imprint her students left upon her.

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