Bookstore: It’s All Greek To Me by Brendan Boland and Adam Crescenzi

In this mythological comedy drama, gods and mortals alike are shocked when the scheming Hades kidnaps Persephone from Mt. Olympus and holds her hostage in the Underworld. A pack of vain reporters clamors outside the gated of Zeus’s palace to get the scoop, while the Goddess of the Harvest crankily destroys all of the crops in an attempt to win Persephone back. In the midst of it all, two unlikely heroes arise in the form of a young lute layer named Orpheus and his bride-to-be Eurydice, who brave Hades’ bizarre kingdom in this clever send-up of Greek mythology.

Brendan Boland is a teaching artist in New York City working with the MCC Youth Ensemble, The Epic Theatre Ensemble, Urban Arts Partnership, American Place Theatre, and Hospital Audiences as well as The Green Theatre Collective. He holds a Master of Arts in Educational Theater form New York University as well as a BFA in Acting form Emerson College.  Adam Crescenzi is an artist and educator who has worked primarily in New York City Public Schools Grades K-12.  He has worked with Theatre Development Fund, Theatre for a New Audience, New York City Center, and the John Melser Charrette School as the Artist-in-Residence. He holds a BA in Drama from Vassar College and a Master of Arts in Educational Theatre from New York University.

It’s All Greek To Me! is published by Playscripts, Inc.

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