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  1. Hi Susan,
    It’s Charlene, from ODU, TCC, etc. I was thinking about you today, searched for you online & found you here. Nice site! I’ve quickly read a couple of pieces (about Ireland, of course), & already homesick, they made me more so.
    I’m stuck in Bradenton, FL, where I’ve been for 3 1/2 years. But my heart’s still in Kerry, & I’ve only been back once in the past decade. I’m supposed to farm-sit for a friend this Oct.-Nov. — ‘sure hoping it works out for me to go.
    Email sometime & let me know what’s going on with you. I’m sure your husband’s retired & your boys married. Are you still teaching? How often do you go to Mayo?
    I’d love to sell my condo here & buy a wee place in the West of Ireland, but Irish Immigration’s not nearly as hospitable to American retirees as they were when I moved there Jan. 1, 2006. Mayo’s supposed to be less expensive than Kerry, I hear, but I know no one there; I have friends in Kerry, Meath & Galway only.

    • Charlene
      So good to hear from you. I get the homesick bit, as I knew from talking with you how large a hold Ireland had on you after you lived here and how much you missed the place. My husband and I have been renting the same house in Mayo for a month each summer for ten years now. When we arrive each summer it is as tho we never left. We love the Clew Bay Area, whichnis where the House is…at the foot of Croagh Patrick. We have made some friends and return to our favorite places each summer. Bookie plays the bohdran and plays with a local band in the pubs each summer as well. So all is well.
      I have always been grateful to you for giving me the chance to write a column for the pilot about navy wife life. It may seem small to you, but that really got me going. So thanks again for doing that for me. You also covered classes for me when I had to have an operation…another godsend there.
      Renting a house here is very affordable, all things considered. If you want me to send some info let me know.
      I am retiring from TCC this December, so as to have more time to come over here off season, when things are very reasonable and not crowded with tourists. I am sure you saw all that in Kerry.
      So good to hear from you.

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