America is Reading

About two years ago I vowed to expand my summer reading list to books that were written after the turn of the century….and by that I meant post-1900, not 2000.  Each summer I would immerse (or re-immerse) myself in Jane… [more]

Teach Your Parents Well

There have been many compelling pictures of the Coast Guard at work In Texas following Hurricane Harvey. A C-130J flew from Elizabeth City, North Carolina to Beaumont, Texas to evacuate the residents who had to leave their homes. Beaumont had become not only an… [more]

You’re CATH-o-lic?

The water cooler crowd literally took a step back from me after my mentioning I had been to Mass over the  weekend. In unison, they declared, in disbelief, You’re CATH-o-lic? I felt like I had two noses or something. Upon regaining… [more]